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Presenting to the World about, "helping the widows and orphans." (James 1:27)

At this present time in life, God has revealed that  there is a great need for each of us to do one small deed, to help the Kiareni Realization Church Ministries, in Kisii, Kenya Africa. A young pastor, Sagana Samfan has been doing a great and dear work in caring for the hurting widows, children, and the orphans. Pastor Sagana has been sheltering, caring for, feeding, taking care of the medical, and funeral expenses. He has a wife and a son of his own, and he must share his time with them and those in grave need; this includes food and money.
For over seven years this has been a struggle to the point of collapse; mental,physical, emotional, and financial. His spirit cries out to God each and everyday. He trust God greatly, but God uses us to do His work.

In August of 2008, Pastor Sagana was lead to go to the nearest town and sit in front of the computer. He was then led to type Realization Ministries in the search engine; my website came up and from that point on he knew what God wanted. In the next week, it was obvious what God wanted me to do; get involved. I am but one man with no funding, but I have great faith and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ. God has done some amazing things through our relationship with Him, and with each other.

We have seen the death rate of children and widows drop from one to three a month down to one to two maybe every six month to one year!There has been an average of (28) children off the streets, starving, beeging or doing whatever it takes to get food. We are so grateful for them to no longer be in danger of abuses, criminal activity, and death. We have had as many as (38) children, but the original building became too small and unsanitary. A new building is be planned, but funds are needed.

Just in 2008, over $1500.00 was collected, some clothing, books, bibles, toys, and pastoral literary supplies were sent. In 2009, the old diseased and torn matresses and blanets were replaced with brand new ones. The Government of Kenya has seen what we have done together and they have begone to observe, and begone to get involved in an investigative way with promises to be more involved ass things continue. The neighboring towns people have begun to to the same, in fact, they promised if we raised one half of the money needed for a new and bigger building for the orphans; they will provided the other half through free materials and lablor.

Until, the Church, individuals, organizations, global programs, or a President/ Country Leader, will step up to help these children from suffering and dying, then the few that are involved will keep "calling" on those who have the opportunity to reach out to them.

There is a church in Round Rock, Texas; Sweet Home Baptist Church and their Outreach Statement says< "Each One Reach One" and we stand on the fact, that it does not matter where that suffering child is; Texas, Mexico, Haiti, Africa, or China; we all need to "reach one." Maybe it is a child in the USA, Asia, Mexico, or with Kiareni Realization Church Ministries, Kenya, Africa. We all need each other and we need to work together.


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